What Do You Think of Our Bright New Blog?

*If you were sent here by clicking a link to our old site, welcome to our new blog at WordPress. We’re glad you’re here! 

We found ourselves a new home!!!

Commence with the happy dance, high-fives, and celebratory sparkling cider!

Yup, there are changes afoot at Quills & Inkblotts.

We’ve got two new amazing contributors, Nicki Bishop and Lani Forbes (you’ll hear more about them in a later post!), and we made the switch from Blogger to WordPress.

We were ready for a new look, a more secure site, and more options to make our blog shine.

Most of our posts from Blogger have made the journey with us, so feel free to browse through our archives to re-read your favorites.

What will stay the same?

Well, we still plan to deliver fresh, new content every few days. We promise to blow you away with our author interviews, cover reveals, ‘best of’ posts, and other heart-warming, soul-baring material.

And, as always, we would love to hear from you, our fabulous readers!

We want to encourage you whether you’re a weary writer in need of encouragement, a fellow blogger looking for community, or someone who shares our passion for story.

So welcome to the new and improved Quills & Inkblotts.

We’re so glad you’re here!

Deanna, Robin, Jebraun, Nicki, Lani, and Lucy

9 thoughts on “What Do You Think of Our Bright New Blog?

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