A man and a woman holding hands are in love in this post about relationships in literature by Jebraun Clifford

Who Are the Most Romantic Couples in Literature? Part One

Literature is full of memorable couples and their successful (or not-so-successful) pursuit of one another.  Romeo & Juliet. Anne & Gilbert. Jane Eyre & Mr. Rochester. And many, many more. Who hasn’t sighed with satisfaction when Almanzo Wilder finally slipped a ring over Laura Ingalls’s finger after years of Sunday drives—not to mention that dastardly […]

Stories that Inspire

Anne, Laura, Mary, Sarah, Jo and Charlotte. These girls helped shape who I am as a person today. They all had strengths and weaknesses. They weren’t perfect. They struggled, they persisted and they survived. Jo from Little Women showed me how much being the oldest meant. I had a younger sister, and much like Jo […]

Stories That Impacted My Life

It’s my turn to share with you which stories have impacted my life. You can look up Robin’s and Jebraun’s if you missed them. I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a good book – J.K. Rowling Like every author or aspiring author will tell you, I like to read. And though I have […]