Resilience Blog Tour

  RESILIENCE is almost here! Amy Brock McNew’s next book in her series. So exciting!!! The fiercest warriors emerge from the most brutal storms. Liz and Ryland Vaughn have fought hard to survive every threat that’s risen against them. But nothing they’ve faced compares to the battle to come. As they settle in to married […]

The Story Peddler Blog Tour

  First off, go buy Lindsay’s brand new book The Story Peddler. While I still haven’t gotten the pleasure of reading it yet, I’ve heard nothing but positive things about this story. Pick up your copy today! Second, we at Quills had the wonderful opportunity to interview the amazing and talented author of The Story […]

The Science of Story

Confession: I am a huge fan of superhero movies. Specifically, I love Marvel superhero movies. Take a look at any article posted online about the Marvel Cinematic Universe and you will instantly find the heated debates about why the Marvel movies are more successful than the DC movies. The theories range from criticisms of the […]

Jump on the ship!

  I recently went on a long reading binge, all of which are urban fantasy. Apparently, I’ve been missing out on a pretty awesome genre! I started with the Dark Cycle series, then went onto the Raven Cycle series, then the Creepy Hollow series (first three) and finished with the Fire and Bone just a […]

My Top 3 Swoon-Worthy YA Couples!

It’s February! Which means it’s time for roses, chocolate, and of course, YA romance! I am absolutely biased, but I have a hard time enjoying a YA novel if there isn’t a good love story in it! It’s probably the romantic in me, but there’s such a nostalgia to those teenage love stories that makes […]

Author Interview with Laurie Lucking

We’re all celebrating over here at Quills & Inkblotts with a very special author who’s launching her debut, YA fantasy Common, in just a few short days. That author is, of course, Laurie Lucking, and we’re excited to be part of her blog tour. We managed to grab some time with Laurie and asked her […]

Deanna’s 2018 Goals.

Hey you! I haven’t “talked” to you in a while, have I? I finally got back to blogging. Had to take a few months off for personal reasons but I’m so thankful to be back. Thank you for your patience with me. Came back just in time for this month’s topic of New Years Resolutions. […]