Racing Toward the New Year // Dream Chasing for Writers

Christmas has barely made it out the door, backed down the driveway, and waved goodbye. So what is at the forefront of everyone’s minds? Fill up the boxes in the brand-new planner, clean out the drawers of that writing desk or clear your cluttered work space, and gear up before careening into the New Year.

Fuel your imagination with great reading and stock your kitchen shelves with plenty of coffee or tea to fuel your energy. Now on your writing mark, get ready to roll into 2018 in just a few short days. There’s a whole year at your fingertips. You’re ready to pour those words onto the page, tap your life onto the keys. It’s gonna be the Best. Year. Ever.

Only… what?

What will it be?

What is the massive, amazing goal we’re racing towards at the speed of thought?


I asked that question today too. Sitting at my desk with fingers freezing, I waited for our heater to recognize the frigid temperature, to kick on and blow warmth back into our home. Next, I continued to type and waited for my writing to feel a little less frozen as well. All the get-togethers, food shopping, gift-buying, gift-giving, Christmas cooking, party-going, go, go, go, Go, GO!

It all resulted in a day or two of physical burnout for me. How about you?

Here’s what I’m doing to make this year all that it can be…

Prayer: Asking Questions

Thoughts of direction and journey swirled through my heart all month long. Today in my favorite chair, before the house stirred to life with kids out of school and after my hubby was out the door with a fresh cup of coffee, I finally asked specific questions in my prayer time. There in my safe place, asking God for fresh direction on this writing journey. What should my focus be? What is the next step? Trusting God with the details for 2018 is my number one goal for a peaceful and productive writing year.

*What is your prayer question for 2018?

*Where do you need focus in your writing life?

*How can you trust God with the details for your writing year?

Goal Setting: Making Lists

In the middle of December, as questions reared their ugly heads, I read a piece of advice from a seasoned Christian author. Write your goals.  She cited one of my favorite verses–


“Then the Lord answered me and said_‘Write the visionAnd make it plain on tablets,That he may run who reads it.’”--Habakkuk 2_2 (NKJV,

“That he may run who reads it.” I love that. Don’t you?

*As you begin the New Year, I hope you will write down your top writing goals along with me. Put them up somewhere in your home. Read them every day. Let’s run for the goals God put in our hearts.

*If you don’t have a specific vision yet for your writing year, keep praying. The days in between are a perfect time to pray and wait on God for an answer. This is your time.

Stepping Into the New Year:

I hope by now you feel less like racing to the finish line without a head start. Maybe your thought muscles are warmed up and you’re no longer trying to write with the emotion of frozen fingers on the keys. You feel prepared and ready to face the coming year.

When you take time to prepare, show up every day, and start to write–it primes the pump inside you.

Now all that’s left is to take off and soar.

You are not in a race with anyone else.

Your previous track record does not define you.

You have a set of goals to achieve, and you can work through each one–least to greatest–without fear.

This is your writing year. It’s time to chase your dream.


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