#Winning NaNoWriMo


As the days of November draw to a close, it’s time to type “The End” on our #NaNoWriMo2017 novels. If you clock in 50K before midnight, November 30, you are a winner. There’s no denying it. You can post it on social media for all to see.

But what if you came in under the mark? When we begin goal setting, sometimes it seems like anything that can go wrong–will go wrong. At our house that included strep throat and a stomach bug that went through all four of my kids, just in time for Thanksgiving. When life happens, the best thing to do is re-evaluate and most importantly Don’t Give Up!

My Write Inspiration

The month’s not over yet! What can you do to bump your story’s word count in the days you have left?

*Where can you take this story–somewhere you never dreamed of going before? Places you’ve always wanted to visit? Enjoying the food, experiencing the customs, embracing the clothing of that time? Write what you love. Add it to your word count today.

*How can you stir up difficulty for your hero and heroine? Unwelcome visit from a trouble-making guest? Natural disaster or epic fail? Unexplainable miscommunication they just can’t seem to resolve? All’s fair in conflict and word count.

*Why did you start this story in the first place? Creativity of curious world-making and dreams of galaxies far away? Passion of a cause worth fighting for and the love of the characters you’ve created? Dream of adventure and experiencing new places, people and obstacles all while sitting at your laptop? Spark that dream back in place.

My Write Experience

Now, look how many words you have in you! Sometimes it only takes a spark to kickstart that last push of writing. It feels so good to achieve more than you ever thought you could. Your word count at the end of this month is your personal win. You know what else? I’ll bet you’ve learned something. What did you find out about your writing style?

*Do you love quiet or listening to an epic soundtrack as you write?

*Do you write in small chunks of 500-700 words or larger chunks of 1K-2K at a time? Maybe you love to “binge write” one 10K day per week and let your ideas simmer the rest of the time.

*Are you writing every day or leaving a few gaps with no word count in between?

*Are you surprised to find your writing voice in this period of consistent writing?

*Where is your manuscript dragging? What dialogue do you love? Which section needs work?

These are all questions only you can answer by experiencing this time writing. When we learn by doing, we win.

#MyWin for #NaNoWriMo2017

No matter what your word count this month:

*You win when you figure out what works and doesn’t work for you as a writer.

*You win when you determine your status quo and bump it up a tiny notch…every day.

*You win when you find areas where it’s not working and study the craft of writing to make it work for you.

*You win when you come out with a higher word count at the end of November 30th than you had at the starting gate of November 1st.

*You win when you decide to take that manuscript and add consistent wordcount every day until you type, “The End.”

Then keep going.

On November 30th, we can all measure our “win” by taking the word count we ended with and adding the amount we learned about ourselves and our writing. No judgment when Nano ends. Let’s celebrate our writing milestones and cheer others along on the way!

What is your win for #NaNoWriMo2017?


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