Three Movies About Strong Women That Give You All The Feels! 

Despite pouring rain and the fact that my husband and I had just moved to a new state that week, I HAD to see Wonder Woman. I had been dying to see the movie that gave me chills every time a trailer popped up on my Facebook page.

And it was worth it.

I irritated my husband by figuring out the “big twist” within minutes of meeting a certain character, but regardless, I still enjoyed the movie immensely. It wasn’t because of the story itself or the cool special effects. I loved the movie because I loved seeing a woman fighting for what she believes in, and kicking butt as she does it!

I dare you to find someone who doesn’t get goosebumps as Diana slowly marches up the ladder out of the muck of the trenches and into No Man’s Land. Moved by the suffering of those around her, unhindered by the comments that she can’t do anything about it, she throws off her heavy cloak and charges into chaos. She looks the enemy right in the eye, takes fire from machine guns, and doesn’t even flinch.


Boom. Mic drop.

This month on Quills and Inkblotts we are sharing our favorite movies, and I wanted to share three of my top “strong woman” movies. These movies stir something deep within my soul and inspire me every time I watch them. It’s probably the reason I’ve seen each of these at least (no joke) ten times!

Memoirs of a Geisha

giphy (2).gif

Whenever someone gives me the choice of what movie to watch, it is without a doubt Memoirs of a Geisha. Every. Single. Time.

This is my favorite movie for several reasons. First, the setting and costumes are beautiful. The culture and structures to the world of Geisha are fascinating (after all, her world is “as forbidden as it is fragile”). Next, this movie has beautiful imagery. Each of the characters is assigned an element that encompasses their personality. Hatsumomo is fire, Sayuri is water, Satsu is wood. Even the narrator’s words cause a shiver down your spine. “At the temple there is a poem called “Loss” carved into the stone. It has three words, but the poet has scratched them out. You cannot read loss, only feel it.” Tell me that doesn’t punch you in the gut!

Sayuri’s character and determination to reach her goals make the movie what it is. “When water is trapped, it makes a new path.” Water is powerful, and Sayuri fights brilliantly against all of the forces that try to control and oppress her. In the end, she defeats them all and gains the ultimate desire of her heart!

The Devil Wears Prada

giphy (3).gif

This movie is basically a grown up version of “Princess Diaries” complete with a Anne Hathaway make-over! But, it is also so much more than that. Andy is an aspiring journalist who gets stuck with a job she never wanted in hopes of breaking into the publishing world.

And her boss is Meryl Streep.

As awesome as it would be to have Meryl Streep as your boss, it is NOT awesome to have Miranda Preistly. She basically tortures Andy, but instead of giving up, Andy buckles down and shows how hard she is willing to work and how brilliant she really is. Soon, Andy has the “devil” herself impressed, but she sees a darker side to choosing her career above her friends and family. Miranda tells her “I see so much of myself in you” and that is when Andy realizes who she is and who she really wants to be.

When they get out of the car at the end of the movie and Miranda is smiling for cameras on the red carpet, Andy leaves and throws her phone into the fountain so Miranda can’t call her anymore. Talk about a “Booyah!” moment of strength and self-actualization!


giphy (4).gif

Oh man. My four-year-old daughter is obsessed with this movie, and let me just say, I am too. I’m pretty sure I am the one who made my daughter watch this movie over and over. I am not ashamed.

Moana dreams of sailing and crossing the horizon, but her father fears the ocean and forbids her from leaving their safe island. As the daughter of a surfer who grew up on the beach, I instantly connected with Moana’s love of the ocean and sense of being drawn to it. “It calls to me!”

I love how Moana grows throughout the film. She starts off as stubborn and creative, and she grows into a master wayfinder that truly believes in herself. I think everyone can agree that something inside your heart breaks when Moana felt like giving up. She and Maui had just failed to defeat the lava monster and Moana felt like she wasn’t the right person for the mission. Who can’t relate to that feeling? She tells the ocean to “choose someone else”. After her grandmother reminds her to trust what she has learned and who she is, she belts out “I AM MOANA!” and dives in to retrieve the rock she was tasked to return. Goosebumps people. Goosebumps.

My favorite line is actually before that moment when she sings “and the call isn’t out there at all, it’s inside me. It’s like the tide, always rising and falling.” I love this line because it reminds me that we all have a calling inside our hearts that we are chasing. Our calls are not from the outside or from being chosen by others, but from a deep need inside ourselves, placed in our hearts by God Himself. I believe I have a call to write, and sometimes it feels like I want to give up, or like I can’t do it anymore. I want someone else to write this story. It is a call that rises and falls like the tide, but it is inside me. Will you listen to your call? Or stay safe on the island?

What are your favorite movies about strong women? Tell me in the comments below!

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