5 Prayers of a Christian Writer

Sharing our story

Last week I drove nine middle school and high school students to a teen writers’ conference. They were excessively glad to leave their classes for the day and hopefully a little excited about meeting authors and learning more about the craft of writing.

We arrived in just enough time to catch the first speaker deliver his high-energy presentation on characters and story. He pulled the whole room into his presentation by speaking their language (Captain America, anyone? I can see you’re not really a Tony Stark fan.) & asking crazy, off-the-wall questions that caused them to think of their own quirky, character-building ideas. The boys in our group were sold on this author because of his random sense of humor and his ability to connect with them using characters they already liked.

Sharing our faith


JC and me at SOKY Book Fest 2017

We ran into a friend on the way. One amazing part of being a member of ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) is all the support Christian writers share. Here’s our own JC Morrows at the YA book signing tables. I was so excited to see her, and all the girls loved the first book of her Moonstone series: A Reluctant Assassin—a fractured fairy tale version of Cinderella. Now I just have to know what would happen if Cinderella were sent on assignment to kill the prince! As for me, I couldn’t go home without her newest release: Life After E.L.E. #BookLove

IMG_5097 (2)


It’s always a good experience being able to attend writing events—especially getting the chance to meet up with a friend or two. I was especially thrilled to take one daughter and one niece along for this conference. The kids just exploded with creative energy—they loved listening to these authors and their writing ideas. This week, I’ve had to schedule time for using the laptop, as my oldest daughter is now serious about writing her storyline. It warms this mama’s heart. I even had one of my school parents message me to say that her daughter came home ready to write a book!

Sharing our journey

            Days like this fuel the journey. It’s always encouraging to spend time with another ACFW sister–connecting over books, writing, and faith. Being a writer, eventually it is just you, the keyboard, and whatever comes out. We know that there is Someone bigger than us holding this journey together. After the conferences, before “The End,” there has to be something more. For me, that something is prayer. I have prayed over my writing journey often, and I will continue to do so. Some days I think this dream of becoming a published author is only that—a dream and nothing more. Through prayer, God reminds me that the gift is for His story–in and through me.

5 Prayers for Your Writing Journey

1.      Dear God, I thank You for the gift You put inside me, and I pray that You would work it out on paper—not my way but Your way, not my words but Your words.

2.      Lord, help me to see what You see—You see the end from the beginning. Thank You for helping me hold the vision from beginning to end.

3.      Thank You, God, for Your Holy presence—You sit beside me, stay near me, and You are my help on this writing journey.

4.      Thank You, dear Lord, for the perseverance You are working in me. Help me remember to press on and not give up. You are my Treasure and my Great Reward—my writing is unto You, and You are my One Audience.

5.      Oh Lord, Your grace amazes me. You have the power to do in and through me what I cannot do for myself. The work You have begun in me, You will be faithful to complete. Thank You for the grace You have given, and I pray that hearts would be touched and lives changed by the story You give. I pray for those lives today. I pray for those hearts, and I ask that You would touch them with Your perfect love.

In Jesus’ precious Name I pray, Amen.


What are your writing prayers? How are you inviting God into your writing journey?

Do you have any prayer requests today?

Grace to you.



7 thoughts on “5 Prayers of a Christian Writer

  1. This is SO good, Nicki! I pray in general about writing, but I’ve never thought about praying about these specific areas. #4 especially hit
    home… it is such a great reminder that we are writing for His glory.

    Liked by 1 person

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  3. I loved this. I don’t have much faith in my abilities as a writer, so number 4 is definitely me. I’m thankful that God has given me the passion to write, and an amazing husband to encourage me not to give up.

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