A Review of Lucette Nel’s ‘A Widow’s Captive’

The Widow’s Captive is an adorable story about a woman on the run with two kids in tow. Not to mention the bun cooking in the oven. Someone’s after her, and the weather outside is frightful. It’s no wonder she takes refuge in an ‘abandoned’ cabin.

When the unsuspecting sheriff arrives, Adeline Spencer gives him a piece of her mind, with a skillet to his head. Who could this guy be? Surely he’s in cahoots with the man who’s after her. Soon, Adeline’s got him hogtied. She’d rather push him out the door, but she can’t let him freeze to death outside.

Once he regains consciousness, there is lovely tension, humor, and a lot of back and forth between the protagonists.

Will Adeline have her baby during the storm of the century? And without a midwife around will Jonah the sheriff be competent enough to help? Will Ward, the man out to get her, find them at the worst possible time? And will the spark grow between Adeline and Jonah, or be extinguished by the unending snow and stress of being housebound before it can barely stoke a flame?

Lucette Nel’s writing is witty, intelligent and fun. An excellent writer, this debut author takes the inspirational historical genre by storm. Literally, a snow storm. I highly encourage you to try this entertaining holiday read. With a smidgen of romance, a touch of laughter, and a bundle of faith and fun, this story will warm your hearts just in time for the Christmas season.


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