My Publishing Journey : Part 1

So by now you may be aware that I’ve been offered a publishing contract with Love2ReadLove2Write Publishing. And to say that I’m beyond thrilled would be an understatement.

I’ve been asked by multiple people to explain this process or ‘how did it happen’ so I figured, I better write a blog about it.

You know how they say it’s good to network? Well, “they” were right!

So here’s my story, I knew my manuscript wasn’t completely edited, but I wanted to test the waters. I sent it out to five different publishers, none of which I desperately wanted to represent me. I got rejected by two and three still haven’t responded.

I had made friends with a writer (ACFW member) named Michele Harper, through mutual Facebook friends. Little did I know she had been in the process of becoming a traditional publisher for Clean Speculative novels. Not until my friend Amy McNew announced that she was getting published by a small startup publishing company called Love2readLove2write, did I find out that Michele owned this company.

I was like, cool, hmmmm…I’ll keep them in mind for after I get rejected by all the BIG publishers. God kept putting that company on my heart, and I kept ignoring it. After all, I *had* to try the big publishers first, right?

A few days before New Years Eve I wrote Michele a personal message on Facebook just to say “Hi”. She asked me if I had found a publisher yet. I told her no. She said she was not accepting submissions at the moment but asked if I would be interested in subbing to her once submissions opened up. I said sure! She asked if I would send her a sample of my manuscript and I did. (I may have gotten carried away with sending three full chapters instead of the regular 5-10 page sample)

Low and behold, a couple days later she wrote me and told me even though she’s got enough authors to fill up her 2016, she wants to “squeeze me in”, that’s how much she liked it! I screamed and cried and was in total disbelief. I hadn’t even officially submitted to the company and here she was telling me she’s going to publish my book. THIS. YEAR.

It still hasn’t fully hit me yet. I’m still in a bit of a daze. I promised her I would get her the full manuscript as soon as I was done implementing my editor’s edits. Soon I was able to get the full MS into her hands and sign the contract a month later. It’s all been a crazy whirlwind.

Michele told me that God kept putting my name on her heart but she kept ignoring it because her 2016 was full up. We both kept ignoring God’s leading on this. So crazy, and I’m so glad we finally listened! I really feel a peace about this decision now.

Before the contract was signed, I kept thinking, OH NO, now I’ll never know if the BIG publishers would have accepted my manuscript or not. Am I making the right decision? Am I just going with the easiest option since it just-so-happened to fall in my lap quickly? What if a bigger publisher did take on my story? I would get more money and more publicity.

But you know, I learned something about myself that surprised me. I learned that that stuff doesn’t matter to me as much as my sinful little heart thought it would. I learned that I am humbled anyone would want my book at all, and completely blown away at how fast God provided the means to get my book into print. I know so many authors who waited years and years longer. I almost feel guilty. Like I’m somehow cheating the system and getting ahead of myself. But I worked hard on my manuscript and I need to realize God’s timing is different for everyone. Just because he’s fast-tracking my career, doesn’t mean I need to feel guilty when I look at those around me who have been at this far longer than me who haven’t quite ‘arrived’ yet.

Because I know they will.

I know these writers, these authors, these blessed friends who write ten-thousand times better than I could ever care to write will get their moment. It’s coming and I can’t wait to see it. Just because their moment hasn’t come yet, doesn’t mean it won’t. God brought me to this moment and He wants joy for me.

God will bring you your moment too.

Moral of the story is, never forsake the necessary networking. The word networking, to me, is just a fancy way of saying “Make some friends with your peers in your same professional circle.” If I hadn’t known Michele, this whole thing wouldn’t have happened for me. I would just be another name in the gigantic ocean of wanna-be authors. But since I took the time to get to know her she gave me a wonderful opportunity to prove myself. Something that most likely would not have happened had I just been some random person off the streets.

Make the connections. I know you’re probably an introvert, but do it anyway.

You won’t regret it.

Check out Love2ReadLove2Write Publishing on Facebook

and check out their website

*Stay tuned in the months to come for more news as I continue on this publishing journey.

And don’t forget, we love your comments! Comment in the comment section below (I know it’s tiny and hard to see, but it’s there!).


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